The Ultimate Google Translate Fail?

Google Translate goes all literal on our asses.


Movie Poster for ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ Sequel

Remember (500) Days of Summer?

(500) Days Of Summer

Well how about…..

(500) Days Of Scott Summers

UK Times-Online On The Case

The Times Online have sent their most appropriate personnel to investigate this breaking story:



Predicted BBC Headlines For Next Month…

  • Sawed man finds true love in bicycle saddle
  • Otter reveals plans to disrupt the Pound
  • Disney to cast women with “real breasts” (oh wait, that one’s real)
  • Iceland sues neighbours for “obscene” icebergs
  • Pope recalls letter of apology amid reports of arrangement of words ‘looking a bit knob-ish’

You’ve heard it here first.

Mysticat:  feeding you the Universe's sectrets before his wife finds him in the closet wearing a schoolgirl's uniform.

Mysticat: feeding you the Universe's secrets before he runs off to do his business behind a bush.

The R520 Movie Plop

Ok R520, the idea here is simple.

1.Think of 2 numbers between 1 and 126

2. Go to this list of taglines and movie titles.

3. Match the first number you chose to the corresponding tagline.

4. Match the second number you chose to the corresponding movie title.

5. Post the two in the format of Tagline – Movie Title on your Facebook status along with a link to here.

6. Laugh your nuts off!

Musical Week, or How Glee is ruining Television

Apparently some genius at Fox, probably the one that pulled Firefly’s plug, has decided that the success of Glee means people like musicals on their TV (I’ve nothing really against Glee tbh, despite the title). So they were set the task of trying to get more of these onto our tellyboxes.

So what’s the solution? More episodes or Glee? A Glee spinoff? A new Glee style rip off show?

No idiot! The obvious choice is Musical Fuckin Week! A week of programming where many of your “favourite” shows (on Fox) will be given the “Glee treatment” and transformed, for one night only, into a musical!

First confirmed victim of this is none other than Fringe! Super, all Fringe needed was another reason to avoid getting within shitting distance of it’s main plot. Awesome! Fuck, Firefly would have been perfect right about now.

So what other shows will be getting the Glee treatment? I guess shows like Simpsons, Family Guy and America Dad will be shoe ins for a sing song.
What else? America’s Most Wanted? House? He has a snazzy cane I guess.

But, I have to admit, if we are going to do this, let’s do it right. 24: A Real Time Musical. You know it makes sense.

“The hills are alive with the sound of…. DAMMIT CHLOE!!!”

Kiefer Sutherland: Genius

So we here at the R520 wanna hear your ideas of the best (worst) possible Fox musical crossovers. Use the comments section below for your mind ideas. Go!

VIDEOWARS: Round 1 – Star Tron Trek

The idea behind VideoWars is simple.  Ja-… er, Dr Faulk told me that he possesses the greatest video editing skills since James Cameron was alive. I in turn scoffed at these claims stating that in fact I was the one with skills that would make Agent Cody Banks cry with joy. The  only way to settle this was obviously to have some kind of video editing walk-off. And so VideoWars was created.

I just stole the name from Adam and Joe. I asked 6Music to close down their show so there wouldn’t be a legal issue.

So for the first one of these we decided on “remixing” two trailers to try to make as coherent a trailer as we could. The two films chosen were Star Trek and Tron. The tone and story of each trailer was quite similar making it a good starting point in the series. For James he had to take the audio from the Tron trailer and the visuals from Star Trek and meld them together. For me I had to do the other side of the coin, Tron visuals with Star Trek sound.

Below are our two, well I don’t wanna use the word masterpiece, but it is very appropriate.

Even further below is a poll with which you can vote for your favourite. Vote, vote now, vote often, vote early.