VIDEOWARS: Round 1 – Star Tron Trek

The idea behind VideoWars is simple.  Ja-… er, Dr Faulk told me that he possesses the greatest video editing skills since James Cameron was alive. I in turn scoffed at these claims stating that in fact I was the one with skills that would make Agent Cody Banks cry with joy. The  only way to settle this was obviously to have some kind of video editing walk-off. And so VideoWars was created.

I just stole the name from Adam and Joe. I asked 6Music to close down their show so there wouldn’t be a legal issue.

So for the first one of these we decided on “remixing” two trailers to try to make as coherent a trailer as we could. The two films chosen were Star Trek and Tron. The tone and story of each trailer was quite similar making it a good starting point in the series. For James he had to take the audio from the Tron trailer and the visuals from Star Trek and meld them together. For me I had to do the other side of the coin, Tron visuals with Star Trek sound.

Below are our two, well I don’t wanna use the word masterpiece, but it is very appropriate.

Even further below is a poll with which you can vote for your favourite. Vote, vote now, vote often, vote early.





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