So this annoyed me…

Anyone about Dublin city centre yesterday may have seen some eggs sculptings dotted about the place. Yours truly noticed one beside Sean O’Casey bridge, and thought it to be hilarious to take a snapshot of brother younger vaulting the suspicious eggject. “Do not break it,” I said, as he prepared the run and jump. One tweet latter, and I was on my way to missing a big opportunity.

Later in the day, DIT students appraoched their local miniature eggifice with 2001-esque trepidation, but rather than feed off any mind plankton, they smashed the object to reveal a PlayStation 3 console, theirs for the taking.

Adhering to their civic Web 2.0 duty, word spread via social networks, and soon every egg was relieved of it’s encasing duty, showering armed and muscular savages with prizes.

Obviously a marketing stunt, but the question I want to ask is: what kind of behaviour does this reward or encourage? Answers on an electronic postcard, please.

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