Luas-Bus Aftermath: CIE Takes Revenge

RTE are blowing with a strong report today (about 45 mph) that CIE have extracted their revenge on Dublin Bus passengers after their glorious defeat in an effectiveness Vs. cost deathmatch, which was beamed towards retinal cones by the R520 earlier last week.

While people may speculate that the three seperate crashes in and around north Co. Dublin were mere coincidences, granules of salt truth were shaken from the mouth dispenser of one of the passengers, who managed to be served on all three courses of the crash meal. “I was thinking of what it would be like to crawl into the space for storing buggies and drape my jacket over the entrance, so that it’d be like a little fort where no one could see me.” Passenger Relvas McStream continues, “All of a sudden the guy from the back seat came flying towards me, and the driver screamed, and I might be hazy on this because someone’s arse was in my face, ‘Clean and efficient rail transport can suck it all the way to hell!’ ”

When asked to comment, CIE spoke person George Condestiny spilled his hot chocolate over his trousers, and spent the remaining time drying his crotch under a hair dryer in the men’s toilets before the R520 was asked to leave quitlely on the Dublin Bus Ghost Tour, which really is a lot of fun and is highly recommended.

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