My First Gmail E-mail

Yo!  Word up to all my homo’s!  I is cruisin with the G-mail team!
Raz-phekt to da change of addy!

*Hey!  Just be aware, I’ve changed my e-mail address!  Make the
corresponding changes.



*(Translated from the Hood)


Police Seek Liam Neeson For World War II Movie

RTE are running with a headline that famed British actor Liam Neeson is in trouble over a World War II movie.  Without reading the article, the R520 can exclusively confirm that Neeson has incited racial prejudice, Nazism, and unsound communist politics in a project that the actor/director has described as, “like returning home”.

The work comes about as a rebellion against tarnishings of his image as a pro-Justice prison-escapee mercenary leader in recent films such as “By My Bedside”.  “It’s a conspiracy led by the Jewish media that I’m some sort of all-American role-model.  Well, I guess I am a role model!  Just not the kind that they want.”

In the new feature-film, Neeson plays unknown Axis hero Hanz Gerdevunter, who becomes Adolf Hitler’s right-hand man in a series of fictional assassination attempts during 1930’s and 40’s, in which Germany heroically fights off European oppressors in order to reach America and prevent the election of an African-American president.  The film is due to be called, “We Will Always Have Hope”.

Law-enforcement authorities are hunting down Neeson before completion of the project, not so much on socio-humanitarian grounds, but because “it sounds like this film’s gonna suck shit”.

However, you might want to head on over to RTE’s article just to make sure that we’ve perceived this whole headline correctly.

Oh god, reverse, REVERSE!

Don’t Stop Not Forgetting


No Phone till Thursday!

Both myself (Darron) and Pauric are out of the country until Thursday, so any phone calls or texts to the club phone will unfortunately not be answered until then. We remain in touch by email however.
Apologies for any hassle this may cause.

Transformers 3 Script Leaked

Y’know, it’s funny.  I didn’t like Transformers, and I genuinely hated Transformers 2 and everything related to it.  But I loved Pearl Harbour!  Such romance, in such tragic times!  So it’s not like I hate Michael bay so much that I want to rip the flesh from his bones and feed it to all the demons of hell.  The guy also does great lighting underwear advertisements.

What he doesn’t do very well are scripts.  Of curse he doesn’t write the scripts himself, but he’s in charge of the people who do.  Based on this, I can only presume his direction over the Transformers scripts was to attached a typewriter to a child’s head and push them down the stairs.  Then he dabbles his fingers in the blood and begins with “I see…. I see…” and from there Steve Wonder tries to type out Bay’s predictions of the movie.

Anyway, Buzzfeed, have turned up what’s most likely the script for Transformers 3.  Make of it what you willy.   Click here to view Transformers 3 PDF directly.